Backcountry Hut Trip to Sangree Froelicher

15 Feb 2015 until 17 Feb 2015 | 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

This year we are going to the Sangree Froelicher Hut, just on the other side of Fremont Pass. It’s a 3 mile, 1500′ approach. We have 12 spots for Sunday night the 15th, and 6 spots Monday the 16th (President’s Day) $40 per person per night. Contact me with any questions.

At three miles from the Buckeye Gulch trailhead, Sangree is one of the easiest 10th Mountain huts to reach. It is a beautiful building in a majestic setting with inspiring views of the high peaks around the Leadville Area. Day touring and skiing near the hut can be excellent, but such activities are highly dependent on how the snow is reacting to sun and wind, as the high-altitude slopes of this area get much of both. Sangree Hut is named after 10th Mountain Division soldier Sangree M. Froelicher, killed in action during WWII in Italy. Along with the usual 10th Mountain amenities, the large structure includes a facility known as the Alpine Resource Center, which provides a teaching venue, library, and other educational accoutrements.


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