Launch of New CYA Website

November 2018

Arthur Dove, Sunrise III (1936-37) Yale University Art Gallery

Welcome to the new Colorado Yale Association website! The new content-rich site is responsive and so can be viewed easily on phones and tablets. You’ll find events, current news & features, and other ways to get connected with your alumni community. We will continue to offer a wide range of activities that allow alumni of all Yale colleges, schools, and programs to connect with classmates and to kindle new relationships. Check regularly for updates, and be inspired to suggest and develop an event or initiative.


Yale-Harvard Game Watch 2018!

17 Nov 2018 | 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Join fellow Yalies and Harvard alumni on Saturday, November 17th, to watch the Bulldogs and Crimson team at Fenway Park. The location is the same as last, Original Brooklyn’s (not to be confused with the bar near the Pepsi Center, 2644 West Colfax Avenue, Denver, conveniently close to I-25. Kickoff is 10 a.m. (mountain time), which is when doors open. Drinks and food are off the menu, with food service beginning at 11:00. Play the score board for door prizes. No RSVP is necessary for this family-friendly event.

The annual Yale-Harvard game watch is always well-attended. So it’s a great opportunity to visit with classmates and meet new people.

Dan Grollman ’03 has a organized a Boulder Game watch with a Harvard friend at the Twisted Pine Brewery, 3201 Walnut Street, starting at 10. They ask people to register on eventbrite.


Martin Mosko ’66 and Alxe Noden: “Design for Awakening”

24 Oct 2018 | 6:15 PM - 8:15 PM

Since studying painting and Sanskrit at Yale, Martin Mosko ’66 went on to found a landscape design firm based on the mindful approach gained from apprenticing with Japanese master gardeners. Becoming a Zen monk and heir to the lineage of Tenzan Keibun Otokawa Roshi, he also trained in Tibetan Buddhism with Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. The artistry and technique of his award-winning Marpa designs align with his practice as abbot of the Hakubai Temple in Boulder. Featured in publications such as Tricycle, Buddhist Review, and The Sun, Martin travels extensively lecturing on both garden design and meditation. The 2018 publication of his book, co-authored with his wife, writer and photographer Axle Noden, The Sound of Cherry Blossoms. Zen Lessons from the Garden on Contemplative Design, is occasion for their presentation to Yalies and their guests on the qualities, techniques, and processes of Non-Dual Design, which integrates all realms and creates an environment alive with spirit.

Design is the subject of intentional living. When we realize that we are very much affected by our work and world and our reaction to it shapes and affects that same world, design comes up. It is the shaping of the future, with clarity and and discernment, or confusion and conflicting feelings . What we call Non-Dual or Zen Design means designing the future for awakening -designing our immediate environments, our homes, workplaces, schools, hospitals, recovery centers.

This is a special event on the CYA fall schedule — one with a unique opportunity for both creative and personal growth. For those attuned the environment, those spiritually inclined, and designers of all stripes, you will gain insight from an accomplished fellow alum in the Colorado Yale community, while connecting with others with similar interest. Yet this presentation should be of interest to anyone seeking more harmony and happiness in their lives.

Meet Martin and Alxe on Wednesday, October 24th, at the Alliance Center, 1536 Wynkoop St, Denver, 6:15 pm; presentation begins at 6:30. Light bites provided. Cash bar. The Alliance Center is a short walk from Union Station.

Tickets: $8; payable by PayPal or by check: Colorado Yale Association, P.O. Box 911, Denver, CO 80201. If you pay by check, please RSVP to Stephanie Grilli: Copies of their book will be available for purchase and signing.


Dead Sea Scrolls with Religous Studies Scholar Seth Ward

19 Aug 2018 | 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Considered one of the most significant archaeological discoveries, the Dead Sea Scrolls became known to the modern world, when a Bedouin goatherd looking for a stray entered a mountainous cave in 1947. Subsequent excavations revealed more than 900 manuscripts written between 200 BC and 70 AD, which includes parts of every book except Esther from the Old Testament as well as previously unknown hymns, prayers, commentaries, mystical formulas and the earliest version of the Ten Commandments. Preserved by the dry desert conditions, these fragile fragments created a sensation by challenging our understanding of Judeo-Christian history. Their authorship and reason for being at the site near Qumran still remain a mystery.

Currently the Denver Museum of Nature and Science is featuring an internationally renowned exhibit of 10 originals scrolls (in rotation) along with 600 artifacts from the ancient Middle East, including inscriptions and seals, weapons, stone carvings, terracotta figurines, remains of religious symbols, coins, shoes, textiles, mosaics, ceramics, jewelry, and a three-ton stone from the Western Wall in Jerusalem that fell in 70 CE — the largest collection of artifacts to leave the Holy Land.

We are fortunate to have Yale alumnus Dr. Seth Ward ’74, MA ’78, PhD ’84 to provide an introduction and to answer questions during a CYA visit to the exhibition. Given the nature of the exhibition, a guided tour is not possible. Seth is a Lecturer in Religious Studies at the University of Wyoming. Previously he directed the University of Denver’s Institute for Islamic-Judaic Studies for ten years and came to Denver after six years in Israel teaching at the University of Haifa and the Technion. Through University of Wyoming Summer Study Abroad in Israel, Seth affords students a multi-cultural view that goes beyond headlines and stereotypes through mix of experiences, lectures, tours and events.  His knowledge and facility with groups will make for an enhanced and meaningful encounter with the displayed artifacts for those of us who require a handle to know at what we’re looking.


Colorado Yale Rockies Game on the Rooftop

11 Sep 2018 | 6:40 PM - 9:00 PM

Come to Coors Field to see the Rockies play their rivals, the Arizona Diamondbacks, with fellow Yalies on Tuesday night, September 11th. CYA has reserved tickets for the two-tiered Rooftop, which offers various ways to create your own experience. These are officially standing-room; but ticket holders can take available seats in section U310-314, and there are bar and casual dining areas as well as a cabana that have seating. The Rooftop is located on the right-field upper deck with views of the mountains. So you can be a serious baseball fan listening to the play-by-play with earbuds or a sports novice enjoying a good vibe on a late summer evening.

All Colorado Yalies are invited to this event, which is our Camp Yale Emeritus offering of 2018.  Game starts at 6:40 pm. Coors Field is within acceptable walking distance from Union Station for public transportation. Please email club president Stephanie Grilli, if you are interested in carpooling to share parking expense:

Purchasing tickets through CYA is no longer available. You can buy  Rockies Rooftop tickets for $15 through the regular channels (no BOLD discount).

Purchased tickets can be collected at the Will Call window on Blake Street near Gate D. They will be in an envelope with your name on it. ID is required.


Yale Night at Casa Bonita!

22 Jul 2018 | 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM

With all the changes happening in Denver, one place that remains is Casa Bonita. Opened in 1974, the restaurant on West Colfax with the pink tower is still going strong. Named a Lakewood Historical Society Landmark in 2015, it recently was the site for the Broncos draft pick, but it may be better known from an episode of “South Park,” which included its haunted cave, cliff divers, mariarchi bands, and sopapillas. Food is cafeteria-style, but it’s really about the Casa Bonita experience at “the World’s Most Exciting Restaurant.” Whether a native or a newcomer, join with other Yalies on Sunday, July 22nd, at 6:00 for an evening of fun at this pop-culture icon.

With group rate, adults can order anything off the menu (except fajitas). Kids can order anything off the Little Amigos menu. Refillable soft drinks. Tax and 15% gratuity included.

Either use the PayPal buttons below or send a check to Colorado Yale Association, P.O. Box 911, Denver, CO, 80201. If you pay by check, please RSVP to