Volunteer for Yale’s Alumni Schools Committee

ASC volunteers conduct evaluative interviews of freshman applicants and to serve as the local public-relations arm of the Undergraduate Admissions Office. The ASC interview serves the dual purposes of gathering more information on the applicant and giving candidates the opportunity to learn about Yale from someone who has lived it first-hand. Students are eager to hear about your Yale experiences, and to find out what you have gained from going to Yale. It’s fun and rewarding. You are given the opportunity to meet some of the most talented and accomplished high school students in your local community, and you get to share your Yale experience.

The ASC assists Yale with the undergraduate admissions effort at the local level. This program comprises 8,000 alumni volunteers in 285 committees worldwide. Each committee is directed by a Yale alumni volunteer. Ours is Shannon Scott, ‘93. You may contact Shannon at shannony93@msn.com, 303-912-3229. Colorado has a large and diverse applicant pool; we need volunteers from across the state.

ASC now requires interviewers to sign up each year. Go to asc.yale.edu and select either “New Volunteers” or “Current Members.”